Black Jesus are:

      Adrian - Tactical Response                 Greg - Heavy Artillery                    Mick - Frontal Assault               Ben - Surgical Strike Force

The band came together in late 2008 consisting of Adrian, Rhys (Drums) and Louis (Bass). This line up wrote and recorded the 8 tracks that appeared on the "Black Jesus" demo tape in 2009. These same tracks have been remastered and now appear of the Black Jesus Saves CD released by The Coffins Slave, and on 12" LP through Hells Headbangers. 

Mick joined as 2nd guitar in early 2010 and this lineup remained until mid 2011 with Rhys and Louis being replaced by Pete (Bass) and Greg (Drums). In mid 2012, Ben took over from Pete on bass. In late 2014, Mick moved back to his home town and we are now functioning as a 3 piece. But Mick will  make a special appearance with us every now and again.

Black Jesus has been drunkenly described as "ordinary blokes playing death metal". Black Jesus pedal in 100% brain damaged scrap metal with an old school flavour. No calculus, no delusions of originality, just volume and intensity. 

2014 heralded the release of new material, a split 7" with Darkhorse (NSW), and a new album "Everything Black Everything Dead. Both works came out on Grindhead Records based in Sydney. The vinyl version of the album will be released later in 2014 through Doomentia Records (Czech Rep). 

We plan on getting out and supporting these releases so look out (....look out!!!).