Friday, 6 March 2015


So, 2015 is upon us and with it will come a new Black Jesus Album. We had originally settled on doing a 6 track 7" after being approached by by Trauma Records (Columbia) to do one. Ideas formed, shit was spoken, songs emerged and before we knew it we were talking about a 12"mLP (45 RPM). Whilst there is no talk of a CD version at this stage, we'll see how things work out and look at this at a later date.

The album will be titled "Onwards to Slaughter" and will consist of 12 tracks. We are currently jamming on the new tracks....which are on the whole shorter and far more abrasive than our previous outings. We will be recording again with Jarro Raphael (Nocturnal Graves / Destroyer 666) and will get into the studio the minute these tunes are sharp.

As always, Glenno "G-Banger" Smith will be behind the pencil. Above is a version of the album cover which will also be the cover of the accompanying comic. I'll save the details of the comic for a later date, but we wanted add something extra this time around and add another dimension to this release.

I'll post the occasional update when news comes to hand...........................A